Introducing Two Weird Scifi Stories from Serge Brussolo

Today we are very pleased to print two works by French writer Serge Brussolo (1951 — ). The first story “Son of Sulfur” (“Soleil de soufre”) originally appeared in the 1980 collection Vue en coupe d’une ville malade, while “Funnyway” (“Funnyway”) first appeared in the 1978 anthology Futurs au present (ed. Philippe Curval).

Although less known in the English-speaking world, Brussolo has produced over 200 books in his native France and is considered a national treasure among speculative fiction fans. Unfortunately, as of today, only one of his novels, The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome, has been published in English. It was translated by Edward Gauvin (who also translated the two stories we’re running today) and was released in 2016 by Melville House.

While Brussolo’s work has often been categorized as science fiction, it often straddles the lines between horror, thriller, and fantasy. In his work, you’ll likely find elements of the fantastique as well as influences that range from J.G. Ballard to André Breton. We hope you enjoy these stories and we hope that we may see more Brussolo available in English in the future.