Weiroot: "Itching in your eel skin ankle boot..."

Weiroot, you mad man, what do you think you’re doing, sitting in the chill of the night, winking at the winking stars? Are you sending them a message? Come visit me? And what if they were to? What if in say a year or two a star fell, swept down out of the dark, trailing green fire, and […]

Reading The Weird

For our special 12 Days of Monsters feature, we’re proud to present the entirety of Leah Thomas’s “Reading The Weird” web comic, now in a more readable format created by Gregory Bossert — and featuring an all-new epilogue.

Other Things: The End of Our 12 Days of Monsters Celebration

(Art by Jeremy Zerfoss) Our 12 Days of Monsters celebration ends today, and we’re thrilled with the content we’ve been able to provide to our readers. We want to thank everyone who contributed to this effort. Special thanks to IAFA and their International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. Without their theme  of the […]

The Thing In: The Weeds, The Hall, The Cellar, The Jar: 12 Days of Monsters: Fiction Grand Finale

Dear Monstrous Reader: For our last day of 12 Days of Monsters, we have consolidated all of our Things in one place, for a veritable explosion of…things. Three classics and a modern eccentricity we find classic… “The Thing in the Hall” by E.F. Benson “The Thing in the Weeds” by William Hope Hodgson “The Thing in the […]

The Thing in the Jar

Michael Cisco (1970 — ) is an American writer best known for his first novel, The Divinity Student, which was published by Ann VanderMeer’s Buzzcity Press and won the International Horror Guild Award in 1999. Since then, Cisco has published The San Veneficio Canon, The Traitor, The Tyrant, The Narrator, and The Great Lover. Taken together, these […]

The Thing in the Cellar

David H. Keller (full name David Henry Keller; December 23, 1880 – July 13, 1966) was a writer for pulp magazines in the mid-twentieth century known for his science fiction, fantasy and horror stories. He was also a licensed psychiatrist who served with the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World Wars I and II and also served as the Assistant […]

The Thing in the Weeds

William Hope Hodgson (November 15, 1877 – April 1918) was an English author who had a huge influence on weird science fiction and the weird tale in general. Some notable works of his are The Night Land, which can be firmly placed within the Dying Earth subgenre, and The House on the Borderland, a short cosmic horror […]

The Thing in the Hall

Edward Frederic Benson (24 July 1867 – 29 February 1940) was an English novelist, biographer, memoirist and short story writer, known professionally as E.F. Benson. A prolific writer, Benson created the famous Mapp and Lucia series, which satirized upper-middle class British life in the 1920s and 30s. He also developed a reputation for writing macabre ghost stories […]

Underneath the Skin: John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and You

Warning: This essay contains many spoilers. A dozen men are holed up in a research station in the unforgiving wastes of Antarctica, caught up in a relatively peaceful life of scientific inquiry, casual camaraderie and boredom. The bleak landscape outside dominates John Carpenter’s The Thing, through both the isolation it imposes as well as the ambient hostility […]

Scandalous Monsters

1.  Monsters are, of course, ridiculous.  The exception is the monster that scares you.  That’s terrifying.  That’s a nightmare. 2.  “One of these days,” I said, “I’d love to do an anthology of monster stories.  I even have the title:  Creature!  With an exclamation point.  It would cover the last three decades of monster fiction; from where King […]