Happy Holidays from WFR.com!


Artwork © Jeremy Zerfoss

2012 has been a special year here at Weirdfictionreview.com. The Weird, the anthology that serves as the inspiration/jumping point for this site, received many outstanding accolades and awards, most recently the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology. 2012 also marks the first full year of this site’s existence, during which we published 240-plus interviews, features, essays, short stories, novel excerpts, art galleries, and editorials, in addition to featuring material for longer themed periods like our 12 Days of Monsters and 10 Days of Clute. We are deeply thankful for all our contributors and the amazing things they have done and continue to do for WFR.com, and we are especially thankful for all of our loyal readers. Your support means the world to us.

If you enjoy and admire the work we do, please consider donating to WFR.com. You can use the paypal option on the main page, lower left, which sends a donation to vanderworld at hotmail.com. Any donations we receive go toward allowing us to continue finding the best, weirdest, most unclassifiable and energizing work we can, and to also reward our amazing contributors.

WFR.com is taking a little break for the next week and a half, but we’ll return on January 7 with new materials. For now, though, please enjoy our last week of content for 2012, featuring our End of Year Booklist, with recommendations from several of our contributors and friends of the site, and a selection of notable women writers of weird fiction, some of whom have been featured on this site in the past. And be sure to look back through our archives to reread old favorites or even find features you might have missed from this past year.

Thanks for all your support! Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2013.