Brita’s Holiday Village is pleased to offer Karin Tidbeck’s very creepy “Brita’s Holiday Village” in a cross-promotion with the World SF Blog. World SF is also running this story today, and celebrating Tidbeck’s collection Jagannath with a week of features and a book give-away. Jagannath, from our Cheeky Frawg Press, is yet another manifestation of the remit here at to feature […]

China Miéville and Monsters: “Unsatisfy me, frustrate me, I beg you.”

China Miéville (1972 — ) is an influential English writer known for revitalizing weird fiction. He has won the World Fantasy Award and multiple Arthur C. Clarke awards, among others. Miéville’s early novels — including Perdido Street Station (2000) and The Scar (2002) — fused the weird with body transformation, Marxist politics, secondary world settings, and a bold style. Later novels like […]

Ghosts, Fear, and Parallel Worlds: The Supernatural Fiction of Jean Ray: An Introduction to the Great Belgian Weird Writer

WFR Editors’ Note: A version of this essay was first given as a talk by António Monteiro at a meeting in Rochester, England, October 30/31, 1999, and subsequently published as the introduction to The Horrifying Presence and Other Tales, published by Ex Occidente Press. We are pleased to present a version modified from both the speech and the published […]