The Visionary Worlds of Agostino Arrivabene

Agostino Arrivabene lives and works in a seventeenth century iron-gated house outside Milan. His home provides the secluded, protected environment in which he finds the solitude and space necessary to create his stunning paintings. Arrivabene says, “My house is like a nautilus shell wherein time has stopped. Inside you will encounter a rarefied atmosphere where … scarlet velvet […]

The Subversive, Surreal and Irrepressibly Weird World of Ruth Marten

Ruth Marten’s works on paper are a beguiling mix of the surreal and the subversive, and are often disarmingly funny. They are primarily interventions, or détournements engaging with 18th and 19th century prints and illustrations, to change and subvert their original intention or meaning. She works with Indian ink and watercolors, using her extraordinary draughtsmanship to […]

Weird, Wired, Mesmerizing Momento Mori: The Animations of Jake Fried

Psychedelic, hypnotic, and with an obsessive quality about them which moves them well into the territory of the weird, Jake Fried’s animations are self-consciously retro, or as he himself describes them ‘retro-futurist.’ In his latest project, The Deep End, this retro feel is initiated by the soundtrack of static from an old record, and then […]