Things Left Outside

The following short story is from Lincoln Michel’s 2015 short story collection, Upright Beasts, from Coffee House Press. Be sure to also check out our interview with Michel about his influences and his debut collection. I wish it was me who had found her and not my husband. I kept wondering what she looked like in […]

Orange Dogs

Sie warnen vor Giftigkeit[1] Looking through the threshold of the front room, his wife’s bedroom now, he caught a glimpse of her gigantic silhouette. The swollen pregnant belly seemed about to explode. The mountain of flesh, hidden under a knitted bedspread, lifted and sank, lifted and sank, to the faltering rhythm of her breathing. He put the […]

The Night School

The following story was originally published in Grimscribe (1991) but can now be found in a new collection from Penguin Classics called Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe. Instructor Carniero was holding class once again. I discovered this fact on my return from a movie theater. It was late and I thought, “Why not take a short cut across the grounds of […]

Tin Cans

I am an old man — too old to really care. My wife died on the day the Moscow Olympics opened, and my dick had not done anything interesting since the too optimistic Chechen independence. I shock people when I tell them how young I was when the battleship Aurora gave its fateful blast announcing the Revolution. And yet, life […]