J.K. Potter Mutates the Story

The art of J.K. Potter has graced the covers and interiors of many weird fiction authors, including Tim Powers, Lucius Shepard, Ramsey Campbell, and Clive Barker.  His vibrant colors, thoughtful juxtapositions, and sense of the surreal and bizarre are unique in the way they interact with a story’s subject matter.  By thoughtfully layering multiple elements into […]

Creeping Beauty: Shane LaVancher’s Evolutionary Creatures

Shane LaVancher’s “Creatures” invites us into a lab of hybrids – somewhere in between our technological future and our cave-dweller past. These bodies are beautiful and monstrous, thriving on the ethereal gothic: it is Gattaca meets Nosferatu. In the press release for the show, LaVancher reminds us that “visible changes in the human body are often preceded by unseen changes in the mind. As […]