Necessary Violence: The Rectification of Goya by the Chapman Brothers

If the truly Weird causes a sense of great dread, then the grotesque provides another approach to the inexplicable through aggressive horror and humor. Geoffrey Galt Harpham argues that the truly grotesque stands “at the margin of consciousness between the known and unknown…calling into question the adequacy of our ways of organizing the world” (3). Caught […]

Our Goblin Selves: Unmasking the Monstrous in the Works of Laurie Lipton and Francisco Goya: “My mommy always said there were no monsters - no real ones - but there are.”

Please join us in welcoming Nancy Hightower as a regular art columnist for! Read more from Hightower on her blog. — The Editors When people use the term “grotesque,” they often mean many different things: bizarre, monstrous, unsightly, weird, nightmarish, or gross. But if there was one specific characteristic that I would wish for you to take away […]