A Twilight

The following story appears in the collection Spells by Michel de Ghelderode, out this year from Wakefield Press. It is translated from French by George MacLennan. Michel de Ghelderode (1898−1962) was a Belgian author of drama, poetry, and short stories.  Born to a royal archivist father and devoutly religious mother, the author began writing plays in 1916.  His work, […]

The Double

The following story was originally published in the 1919 collection Nocturnal, précédé de quinze histoires. After you read this story, check out Edward Gauvin’s essay on the many doubles of Franz Hellens that places this story in the context of Hellens’ oeuvre, which included many doubles and doppelgängers. — David Davis, Translator After a long voyage, marked […]