The Thing In: The Weeds, The Hall, The Cellar, The Jar: 12 Days of Monsters: Fiction Grand Finale

Dear Monstrous Reader: For our last day of 12 Days of Monsters, we have consolidated all of our Things in one place, for a veritable explosion of…things. Three classics and a modern eccentricity we find classic… “The Thing in the Hall” by E.F. Benson “The Thing in the Weeds” by William Hope Hodgson “The Thing in the […]

The Thing in the Weeds

William Hope Hodgson (November 15, 1877 – April 1918) was an English author who had a huge influence on weird science fiction and the weird tale in general. Some notable works of his are The Night Land, which can be firmly placed within the Dying Earth subgenre, and The House on the Borderland, a short cosmic horror […]