The Fall of Ashes: A story from the collection Secret Europe...

A story from Secret Europe by John Howard and Mark Valentine, “the ultimate collection, the singular masterpiece dedicated to the great sepia-coloured world of a Secret Europa,” in Ex Occidente’s opinion “the book of the decade.” You can order the book here. As he walked home from his job as a book-keeper at the ochre export office, […]

Sarban: An Initiation into the Work of a Weird Master: John Wall...Diplomat-Turned-Writer

Alexandria, 1966 Mark Valentine’s biography of Sarban, Time: A Falconer, is available from Tartarus Press. Three strange books were published in the early Nineteen Fifties by a man with the pen-name of ‘Sarban’. The three titles, all published by Peter Davies, were: Ringstones and Other Curious Tales (1951), which collected five stories; The Sound of His Horn (1952), […]