Eyelids That Spatter Blood: Translated by Hildi Hawkins

(Tuatara skull from wiki) This week marks the publication of a landmark volume: Leena Krohn’s Collected Fiction. A staggering 850 pages covers Krohn’s entire forty-year career through novels, novellas, short stories, novel excerpts, essays, appreciations, and even poetry. (The book is also available through this StoryBundle, until the end of the year.) The collection made the Onion […]

The Trepanist: Translated by Anna Volmari & J. Robert Tupasela

We’re delighted to present the following excerpt from Leena Krohn’s short novel Datura (trans. Anna Volmari and J. Robert Tupasela), available as part of the author’s Collected Fiction, just released by Cheeky Frawg Books (and also available as part of this StoryBundle). The novel as a whole is about a narrator who works for New Anomalist, a fringe […]