Excerpt: Anonym

Eric Basso (1947– ) is an American poet, novelist, playwright, and critic, and also a perennial favorite of the staff at Weirdfictionreview.com. Despite being criminally overlooked in contemporary literature, his writing is important to the development and possible futures of weird fiction. His novella “The Beak Doctor,” long a cult favorite among avant-garde gothic writers, was reprinted […]

Essay: “Annihilation,” Part Two: "Just as Kafka seems within reach of his goal...disintegration takes place."

The following is the second and concluding part of Eric Basso’s essay “Annihilation,” as published in his collection of critical writings, Decompositions. The first part can be found here. Click here for a complete selection of Eric Basso’s books. — The Editors *** There can no longer be any question that, with Proust and Joyce, Franz Kafka endures […]

Selected Poetry of Eric Basso

As part of Eric Basso Week here at Weirdfictionreview.com, we wanted to provide readers with a selection of his poems. Six different poetry collections are represented here, with the exception of his most recent collection, Umbra. This is but a small representation of his poetic output, and we encourage readers to seek out more of his poetry. […]

Essay: “Annihilation,” Part One: "Little wonder that a true under­standing of Void lies beyond our grasp."

The following essay, “Annihilation,” is part of Eric Basso’s collection of critical writings, Decompositions. The second part of this essay will be posted later in the week. Click here for a complete selection of Eric Basso’s books. — The Editors *** If a cup of water be placed on the chest, there will be no movements of waves or […]

Excerpt: The Beak Doctor: "No one dies of the plague. One simply never wakes."

Weirdfictionreview.com is proud to present an excerpt from Eric Basso’s novella “The Beak Doctor,” featured in The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories. It is also the title work of Basso’s collection of short fiction, The Beak Doctor: Short Fiction 1972 – 1976. “The Beak Doctor” has had a cult following among avant-garde gothic writers since it was […]