’s 101 Weird Writers: #10 — Tanith Lee: The Triumph of the Unseen in “Yellow and Red”

This post is part of an ongoing series on 101 weird writers featured in The Weird compendium, the anthology that serves as the inspiration for this site. There is no ranking system; the order is determined by the schedule of posts. Tanith Lee (1947 — ) is a highly respected English writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, with over […]

M. John Harrison’s Black Houses: "Let's give up language..."

1. Occasionally, if you read voraciously enough, you will encounter a story with the power to change your life. For me, M. John Harrison’s “Black Houses” is just such a story. “Black Houses” is a perfectly crafted missive, a weapon aimed straight at the heart – so darkly comic and fiercely erotic that you might not notice its destructive […]