The Thing In: The Weeds, The Hall, The Cellar, The Jar: 12 Days of Monsters: Fiction Grand Finale

Dear Monstrous Reader: For our last day of 12 Days of Monsters, we have consolidated all of our Things in one place, for a veritable explosion of…things. Three classics and a modern eccentricity we find classic… “The Thing in the Hall” by E.F. Benson “The Thing in the Weeds” by William Hope Hodgson “The Thing in the […]

The Thing in the Cellar

David H. Keller (full name David Henry Keller; December 23, 1880 – July 13, 1966) was a writer for pulp magazines in the mid-twentieth century known for his science fiction, fantasy and horror stories. He was also a licensed psychiatrist who served with the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World Wars I and II and also served as the Assistant […]