Year’s Best Weird Fiction from Undertow Publications

No doubt, readers have already noticed our first big feature of this week: a giveaway for copies of The Weird and Nathan Ballingrud’s collection North American Lake Monsters. The rules and regulations are covered in this post from yesterday, but the gist of it is that in order to be eligible for the giveaway, you need to donate funds in support of various artistic endeavors. That can mean directly donating money to artists or writers badly in need of it. It can also mean donating money to an art museum or workshop, or pledging support for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Which brings us to today’s feature: a story reprinted from Shadows and Tall Trees #4, “Senbazuru,” written by V.H. Leslie. The editor of Shadows and Tall Trees, Michael Kelly, is also spearheading an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for an inaugural volume called Year’s Best Weird Fiction, for Undertow Publications. The first volume is set to be edited by acclaimed writer Laird Barron, with a different guest editor to be featured for every volume after that.

20130701070040-spiderJO1This is a more than worthy initiative, and we’re encouraged by its potential. We’re especially intrigued by the possibility of having each volume curated by a different guest editor. We’re very keen to see a variety of tastes and approaches featured in volumes of weird fiction, and so this bodes well in our view. That’s why we’re glad to show our support for the project and reprint Leslie’s “Senzaburu” here for our readers.

As of now, the fundraiser has met its stated goal for funds with 3 days to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t contribute before it’s over. According to Kelly, any money gathered over the stated goal will go towards funding future volumes of The Year’s Best Weird Fiction, as well as future issues of Shadows and Tall Trees. It’s a relief to see this inaugural volume meet its desired goals, but it would be even better to see the project continue much farther than that for some time to come.

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