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We’re back! After a month-long hiatus to end the summer, we’ve returned rested and ready to post and reprint quality material for the rest of the year, and we’re returning in a big way. Starting today and running through this month and into October, we will be serializing the entirety of Michael Cisco’s novel The Divinity Student.

Cisco is a favorite here at WFR.com, and for good reason: his body of work stands as one of the most impressive, darkly imaginative and wonderful achievements in weird fiction. When it was initially published by Buzzcity Press back in 1999, The Divinity Student quickly garnered high praise as a tour de force of gothic fantasy and a stellar debut novel. It eventually won the International Horror Guild Award and set the stage for the rest of Cisco’s writing career, which has seen many other fantastic novels and stories.

However, for as high regard as Cisco holds within weird fiction and related communities, we believe his writing hasn’t gotten nearly the level of fandom it deserves, which is why Cheeky Frawg Books has recently released Cisco’s first four novels in e‑book form. Besides The Divinity Student, that also includes The Golem, The Traitor, and The Tyrant. You can find them in Amazon.com’s Kindle Store and also at Weightless Books.


The Cheeky Frawg wraparound cover for all four e‑books; Art © Jeremy Zerfoss

As you may know, we’re always open to take donations here at WFR.com, which you can do via the PayPal link at the bottom right of this page. That said, as extra incentive, any donations we receive for the duration of The Divinity Student’s serialization will go towards the author. Cisco will also take a higher-than-average slice of income from the purchase of his e‑books, as is common practice at Cheeky Frawg.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll also feature various material related to either Michael Cisco or The Divinity Student. Today, we’ve posted Ann VanderMeer’s introduction to the novel, originally written for the Centipede Press edition published just recently, to provide readers with excellent commentary and context on the novel from the editor and publisher responsible for putting it in print in the first place. In weeks to follow, we will also have an essay by returning WFR contributor Alistair Rennie and an interview with Cisco himself.

We hope you enjoy The Divinity Student, whether you’re reading it for the first time or rereading it. Likewise, if you enjoy the serialization of the novel, please consider either making a donation to the site or buying the e‑book so Cisco can receive much deserved compensation for his work.

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