Taylor Lockwood’s Kingdom of Fungi

taylor-lockwoodTaylor Lockwood is an American-born mycologist who has been studying and photographing mushrooms and fungi for almost 30 years on an amateur and professional basis. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many other publications. Lockwood regularly travels the world, taking thousands of photos and videos of his studies to showcase the world of mushrooms and fungi to larger audiences. His most recent documentary of his travels, In Search of the Holey Veil, is available from Lockwood’s website for purchase on DVD.

The following is but a brief selection of the extensive galleries Lockwood keeps on his personal website. Many of these will be undoubtedly strange and bizarre to the layman’s eye. Those mostly familiar with the common image of the red or gray cap mushroom will be pleasantly surprised to find there is far more variety in the fungal world than they may have realized.

(All photos courtesy of and copyright by Taylor Lockwood)

2 replies to “Taylor Lockwood’s Kingdom of Fungi

  1. Wonderful. Brilliant images. And what amazing fungi. Beautiful and creepy…

  2. great shots. never seen any of them before, got a building collection of fungi on trees on my blog, they aren’t like this. Not even the fomitopsis one. good list now i can look into them further