Welcome to 2013 at WFR.com

Welcome back to Weirdfictionreview.com, everyone! After our brief hiatus, during which we all recharged our batteries and relaxed a bit, we’ve returned, ready to continue bringing you the best and weirdest material we can.

We’re starting the year off right with some fiction from Amos Tutuola. We’ve featured material from and about Tutuola on this site before; readers with strong memories may recall reading excerpted material from his landmark novel The Palm-Wine Drinkard, along with an essay from Geoff Wisner and an interview with Tutuola’s son, Yinka Tutuola. Today, we’ve posted a short story, “Ajantala, the Noxious Guest,” which can be found in Don’t Pay Bad for Bad & Other Stories, the first in the Historicals line from Cheeky Frawg Books. In addition to nine hard-to-find short stories from Amos Tutuola, Don’t Pay Bad for Bad also features an introduction written by Yinka Tutuola and an afterword from Matthew Cheney. We’ve also reposted our previous interview with Yinka Tutuola, which formed the basis of his introduction in Don’t Pay Bad for Bad.

Our 101 Weird Writers feature is also returning for the start of 2013, paying tribute to Leena Krohn, courtesy of regular contributor Desirina Boskovich. This latest installment of the 101 is timely, in that Cheeky Frawg Books has recently republished Krohn’s masterpiece novella Tainaron: Mail From Another City, which was also reprinted as part of The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories. Tainaron, like Don’t Pay Bad for Bad, is available in e‑book form.

We’ve got so much more to come in 2013, and we’re excited to share it all in due time! Soon enough, you’ll be reading fiction and nonfiction from Michael Cisco, Eric Basso, Conrad Williams, Carlos Díaz Dufoo, and the recent Fungi anthology. You’ll see interviews with Olympe Bhêly-Quénum, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and Orrin Grey. You’ll also see more articles from our regular columnists Edward Gauvin, Nancy Hightower, and Matthew Pridham; in fact, you’ll see Matthew’s latest review later this week! And there’s more to come from 101 Weird Writers, including installments devoted to Caitlin R. Kiernan, Algernon Blackwood, William Sansom, Laird Barron, and Bruno Schulz, among many others.