This Week: The Dark Fantasies of Stefan Grabinski and More

Before we say anything about what we have planned for for this week and beyond, we would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to contribute to our 101 Weird Writers feature since we posted our open call last week. We have been stunned and elated at the quality of our potential contributors so far! There’s still time to come aboard, for those of you who are thinking of becoming involved with our site. Overall, though, it’s genuinely encouraging to see such hearty response from readers who are so willing to lend their talents to WFR. The future of 101 Weird Writers looks very bright indeed.

Today, we’re running Miroslaw Lipinski’s fantastic translation of Stefan Grabinski’s short story “Strabismus.” Loyal readers may recall encountering another story of Grabinski’s in The Weird, “The White Wyrak,” also translated by Lipinski. Also check out our interview with Lipinski about his experience translating Grabinski’s work and the impact Grabinski has left on weird fiction.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll run select material from The Moment of Change, an anthology of speculative feminist poetry edited by Rose Lemberg and recently released by Aqueduct Press. You can also look forward to special features on Johanna Sinisalo and Finnish weird fiction. And that’s not even including more stellar reviews from Edward Gauvin and Nancy Hightower of some of the finest in weird comics and art.

So, please enjoy what we have for you this week, and stay tuned for what we’ve got lined out in the next few weeks as The Weird marches on…