The Weird Compendium Contest: Win a Big Box of Weird!

(Items shown for dramatization only; actual contents of big box of weird much, much stranger…)

Want to win a Big Box of Weird that includes a hardcover copy of The Weird compendium signed by editors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer? That’s right, not just a copy of the huge, 800,000-word anthology including 116 stories that’s been written up everywhere from the Huffington Post to the Wall Street Journal…but also a whole large box of weird stuff. Knowing Ann and Jeff, this could include just about anything.

How do you go about winning such a wonderful prize? It’s simple. As we all know, The Weird changes people. We want to document the wide range of reactions to reading a weird story – call it a pseudo-scientific survey. So.…

1 – Post a photo of yourself reading The Weird (on your blog, livejournal, twitter, or elsewhere on the internet). The photo must include your face and the anthology’s cover. Indicate what story you were reading when you took the photo.

2 – Post the link to the image in the comments section of this blog post.

3 – Ann and Jeff will pick a winner for the best expression/story combination, with extra points awarded for originality of composition, etc. (Yes, the criteria will be totally subjective.)

4 – The winner will receive a big box of weird stuff. Runners-up may receive honorable mentions.

The deadline is midnight Eastern Standard time on June 1st. The contest judges reserve the right to use your photo in a “Weird Montage” for later posting on this site.

Need an example? Here’s “Dan” reading Eric Basso’s The Beak Doctor from The Weird.



19 replies to “The Weird Compendium Contest: Win a Big Box of Weird!

  1. I LOVE the book, and I don’t want to niggle, but aren’t more than 50% of the sales in ebook format these days?

  2. that picture of “Dan” had me snorting adult beverage all over my keyboard. A little more warning next time, please? ;)

  3. I write murder mysteries with a supernational twist. Am anxious to get your book

  4. Am working on my 3rd book and also ordering your book. Let’s call it research.

  5. I hope everything is alright and you guys just forgot to announce the winner. If not I hope everything gets better!