The Weird Comes to North America May 8: A Celebration

Tomorrow is the official North American release date of The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories (Tor), and we’re going to celebrate with lots of new content. The fact is, The Weird was the catalyst for creating the site, our research having turned up so much interesting material that we wanted to share.

You can already read the introduction to The Weird, peruse its table of contents, sample a century of first lines, and check out this brief conceptual view of the anthology. We’ve also re-posted Leah Thomas’s awesome web-comic, Reading The Weird—and in our archives you can find interviews with such The Weird contributors as Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, China Mieville, and Kathe Koja among others.

Today, we’re running Gio Clairval’s wonderful translation of Georg Heym’s classic short-short “The Dissection,” also from The Weird. It’s just one little teasing glance at the amazing translation work included in the book, most of it by Clairval (with whom we’ll soon run an interview). Also check out Lisa Tuttle’s “Replacements” from The Weird, never before posted online.

Tomorrow, we’ll run an excerpt from Amos Tutuola’s The Pine-Wine Drinkard and an interview with Tutuola’s son.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at some of the praise The Weird has already started to receive on this side of the Atlantic. You can check out the UK accolades on the Amazon sales page for the book.

An Amazon selection for May
A Barnes & Noble pick for May
A Powell’s pick for May
A Kirkus Reviews selection for May

–A British Fantasy Society Award Finalist
–Ann and I are finalists, best editor category, for the Locus Award (primarily due to The Weird)

Publishers Weekly, Starred, Boxed Review: “Ambitious in the extreme, the Vandermeers’ latest genre-blurring endeavor…is one of the most far-reaching and inclusive speculative anthologies to ever see print. Alongside familiar names — from Lovecraft and Kafka to Link and Kiernan — the Vandermeers unveil a menagerie of obscure authors and impressive stories from around the world….This standard-setting compilation is a deeply affectionate and respectful history of speculative fiction’s blurry edges [with] stunning diversity, excellent quality.”

Booklist, Starred Review: “[Icons Kafka and Lovecraft appear] herein alongside other stellar performances by writers who have faded from top best-sellerdom into obscurity (F. Marion Crawford, Hugh Walpole); are literary stars of the highest magnitude (Rabindranath Tagore, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Jorge Luis Borges); live through only one unforgettable story; and who busily augment the worldwide catalog of weird stories as this is written (most of the contributors). No popular-fiction library should not have this treasure trove.”

2 replies to “The Weird Comes to North America May 8: A Celebration

  1. This is the most exciting event, for me, since discovering Lovecraft and the surrealists in the 90’s. I’ve ordered my copy and can’t wait. I know that I will inhabit this book forever.

  2. A truly great book in the annals of Weird Literature — one that I read at a brain or mind level I’d never encountered before in my 64 years of life —  during November 2011 in UK. Congratulations to the Reva-Menders! :)