4 replies to “Reading The Weird

  1. Any chance the epilog can be put up in the format like the other pages? I’m sure this looks great for high speed internet users but it’s really bad for dail-up.

    Using dail-up in the 21st century? Now that is weird.

  2. I often see the story mostly at home, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal. I was so engrossed in a book a few weeks ago, but i also needed to sweep the floors… so you guessed it, I did both. I’m still not quite sure how I swept one handed, holding my kindle and somehow doing both efficiently, but I did. I do read when I’m cooking or picking up the house. It’s a lot easier to read one handed with the Kindle because it’s light and just requires a little tap to turn the page.

  3. This is amazing! I just read the first chapter (which spolied me that Crawford’s story I haven’t yet read) but I forgive you because it was too funny and made me laugh. I’ll stop reading now and will be back when I had read more of The Weird stories.