Thanks Angela Slatter, Welcomes Adam Mills as Managing Editor

Many thanks to Angela Slatter, who was kind enough to agree to be our managing editor at for the first three months of our strange existence. As was always the plan, she’s now stepping down to work on a novel, among other literary endeavors. We’re exceedingly grateful to her for helping us get off to a wonderful start, and hope to feature her fiction and nonfiction here in future. (You can also read her thoughts on The Weird here.)

Taking over for Slatter will be Adam Mills, who has already been working for coordinating, compiling, and editing the 101 Weird Writers feature. Adam has committed to working in this new capacity through the summer. We will also be opening up to unsolicited nonfiction pitches through our contact form in a couple of weeks – Adam will have more information about that soon.

In addition to his duties as Managing Editor, Mills also works as an editorial assistant for us and our e‑book company, Cheeky Frawg – currently, he is editing an Amos Tutuola collection for us. Mills previously received an MA in English from Missouri State University and just graduated from the Stonecoast MFA Program, based at the University of Southern Maine, with a concentration in Popular Fiction. His work can be found in publications such as The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities (eds. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer) and The Land Bridge (ed. Zachary Jernigan). He has taught a variety of English classes, including creative writing and composition, at universities and community colleges alike. He also maintains a blog devoted to personal and professional interests.

Please join us in thanking Angela, and welcoming Adam!

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