Reading The Weird Web Comic – Episode #13: Finale!

Reading the Weird” is an ongoing exploration of The Weird: A Compendium of Strange & Dark Stories conducted by Leah Thomas. The webcomic follows the journey of Mary and Ed through ever stranger landscapes and encounters, seemingly influenced by the stories in the anthology.

You can catch up on the entire story through episode #7 in one post, or visit the archives for individual episodes. You can also read an Interview with Leah Thomas.

Below you will find the Finale – but not necessarily the end! An epilogue will run in conjunction with a revisiting of the entire comic late in March!








3 replies to “Reading The Weird Web Comic – Episode #13: Finale!

  1. Well played, the last few panels brought a smile to my face. Enjoyed this all the way through, and hope we see more from this series and Leah Thomas.