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You may have noticed that here at, we have set a hellacious pace during our debut. Over less than two months, we have published 80-plus interviews, features, essays, short stories, novel excerpts, art, and editorials. A huge, heartfelt thank you to all of the contributors who have allowed us to bring you great writing and images. We love you all, and appreciate both your passion and your talents. Many thanks, too, to our managing editor, Angela Slatter.

Whether you’re a regular reader of or new to the site, if you’re excited and energized by what we do, please consider a donation. You can use the paypal option on the main page, lower left, which sends a donation to vanderworld at If you have the means and truly love what we do, any donation of over $200 will entitle you to a special gift (please query). Any donations go toward allowing us to explore ever weirder horizons and also reward our wonderful contributors, who provide us with content out of a love for the weird.

As you might expect from our start over these two months, we’re not done, not by half. When we return on January 9, you can expect fiction by Tanith Lee, Marc Laidlaw, Stefan Grabinski, Amos Tutuola, Jeffrey Ford, and many more, along with interviews with Stephen Graham Jones, Kathe Koja, Steve Duffy, and Lucius Shepard, a special “10 Days of John Clute” feature, a new story by Michael Cisco, a week focused on the weird gothic work of Eric Basso, serialized novels, more international weird, a definitive list of 1,001 weird books, and the 101 Weird Writers ongoing feature – not to mention regular columns by Edward Gauvin (translations), Nancy Hightower (art), Matthew Pridham (movies), and Brian Slattery (music)…along with contributions from Gio Clairval, Larry Nolen, and Paul Charles Smith. Maureen Kincaid Speller also joins us as our regular book reviewer. Is that all? Not even close. We will have some ghastly and ghostly surprises for you that may just take over your mind in delightfully weird ways. So stay tuned.

For now, though, please enjoy our last week of content for 2011. Under the cut, you’ll also find direct links to all of the material we’ve posted since November 1st, just in case you’ve missed any of it. Enjoy!   And  thanks for your support.

We wish you and yours all the best this holiday season and hope you have a very Happy New Year. 

Not including material published this week…with additional thanks to artists such as Aeron Alfrey, J.K. Potter, and Jeremy Zerfoss who provided images for our main page. Thanks also to Centipede Press and their Weird Fiction Review print journal for being so friendly and welcoming, as well as Tartarus Press, Ex Occidente, Tachyon, Dalkey Archive, Solaris, and PS Publishing for helping us in numerous ways.


–Leah Thomas’s “Reading the Weird,” a serialized web comic currently on Episode #7. This ongoing serial has taken as its inspiration everyone from Jeromy Bixby to Merce Rodoreda, Jorge Luis Borges to Hugh Walpole. Click here for the full archive of installments. Or read the entire story through episode #7 in one post here.



“It’s A Good Life” by Jeremy Bixby
“The Willows” by Algernon Blackwood
“The Good Mother” by Lucy Clifford
“The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
“The Bloat Toad” by Leopoldo Lugones (Argentine)
“Kavar the Rat” by Thomas Owen (Belgian)
“The Horrifying Presence” by Jean Ray (Belgian)
“The Formidable Secret of the Pole” by Jean Ray (Belgian)

Contemporary (post WWII):

Michal Ajvaz: “The Secret War”  (Czech)
Michal Ajvaz: “Quintus Erectus” (Czech)
K.J. Bishop: “Maldoror Abroad”
Ramsey Campbell: “The Horror from the Bridge”
Jean Ferry: “The Society Tiger” (French)
Caitlin R. Kiernan: “The Key to the Castleblakeney Key”
Kathe Koja: “The Neglected Garden”
Leena Krohn: “The Bystander” (Finnish)
Thomas Ligotti: “The Red Tower”
–Nick Mamatas & Briane Keene: The Damned Highway: Fear and Loathing in Arkham (excerpt)
Reza Negarestani: “The Gallows-Horse”
Sarban: “A Christmas Story”
–Steve Rasnic Tem: Deadfall Hotel Excerpt: “The King of the Cats,” parts one, two, three, and four
Jeffrey Thomas: “The Fork”


Felix Kramer’s Bestiary of Otherworldly and Weird Creatures
The Cute & Creepy Show (National Exhibit in Tallahassee)
Myrtle von Damitz III’s Surreal New Orleans



Uncanny Ink…Lisa L. Hannett on Beardsley, Niffenger, and Gorey
Revelatory Monsters…Nancy Hightower on the Grotesque
When Cute & Creepy Meet in a Small Southern Town…Ann VanderMeer on a unique art exhibit (with video)
Scary Stories to Read in the Dark…an Interview with Leah Thomas (Reading the Weird Web Comic)
The Shadow Life…Paul Charles Smith on Alfred Kubin


Sarban: An Initiation…Mark Valentine on the Work of a Weird Master
Billy Fog and the Gift of Trouble Sight…Edward Gauvin on an Odd Children’s Book
All of a Twist by Reza Negarestani
Raising a Glass…James Crossley on Joan Aiken’s A Monkey’s Wedding
Down, Down, Down…S.J. Chambers on Leonora Carrington’s “White Rabbits”
Anatomy of a Translation…Larry Nolen on “The Bloat Toad”
M.R. James and the Quantum Vampire…China Mieville on Hauntology vs The Weird
The Mountain Dead from Life…Gio Clairval on Michel Bernanos
Ghosts, Fear, and Parallel Worlds…Antonio Monteiro on Jean Ray
–“The Other Side of the Mountain”…Jeffrey Ford’s Appreciation
Sin, Destruction, and Forgiveness…Edward Gauvin on Michel Bernanos
Looking for Kafka…John Kessel and James Patrick Kelly on Kafka
The Tortured Triumph of “The Other Side…Jeff Vandermeer on Alfred Kubin
The Efficacy of a Worm-eaten Dictionary…China Mieville on The Weird
Forgotten Masters of the Weird Tale…John Pelan on The First Ladies of Fear Fiction
Blissfully Weird…Jeff VanderMeer on Arkham House
The Weird Compendium’s Table of Contents

Interviews (writers on “the weird”):

Michal Ajvaz
Ramsey Campbell
Neil Gaiman
Margo Lanagan
Tanith Lee
Thomas Ligotti
Kelly Link
Steve Rasnic Tem
Liz Williams


Musical Experiments…Alistair Rennie’s Extractions from Bodies of Weird Fiction


The Weird Winter Week: Bleak, Uncompromising
The Weird Questionnaire: Sixty Questions, Sixty Minutes, by Edward Gauvin
Weird Book Recommendations for the Holidays by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer
What Are the Greatest Weird/Horror Anthos of All Time?
Wormwood #17: Joel Lane on Lovecraft
As The Weird Turns by Angela Slatter
The Weird in Amsterdam by Ann VanderMeer
The Weird Compendium: Infiltrating the World
Dogme 2011 for Weird by Fiction by Scott Nicolay
This Week: Dark Reverie, Strange Beauty
Making Sense of the Weird
Weird Fiction Review, vol, 2, in Print
Introducing’s Managing Editor, Angela Slatter
The Weird: A Selection of Uncanny Paragraphs
Miskatonic University Packet
Sustained Weird Readings by D.F. Lewis and Maureen Kincaid Speller
Week One of
Weirdly Epic: A Century of Weird First Lines
The Weird – What Is It? (Give Us Your Picks)
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