When Cute & Creepy Meet in a Small Southern Town

Last month something wonderful happened in Tallahassee, Florida — an event that brought together people from all walks of life and all artistic persuasions.  Florida State University presented the Cute & Creepy Art Exhibit, guest curated by Carrie Ann Baade.

The Opening Night was Friday, October 14, 2011.  Attendees were entertained by circus acrobats while the music of Jane Jane Pollock played in the background.  Many art lovers came dressed in their own costumes, most designed by the ones modeling them.  The capacity crowd included not just college students, but families with young children, retirees, musicians, poets and cowboys.

The audience was presented with the most bold, unusual art ever to grace the walls in this museum.  Twenty-four artists from all over the country were represented in this exhibit with paintings, drawings, sculptures and even a new form of taxidermy (take a look and you’ll see what I mean).  As Carrie Ann Baade says in the exhibit catalogue, “To see beauty in the carnivalesque or macabre, in freaks and in monsters, is a matter of aesthetics.  Most of us can agree on the artistic value of a Monet or Titian but this work is for a daring audience, an audience open to exploring the strange beauty and ecstasy inherent in our culture’s aversion.”

Check out the short video above showing some of the highlights of the exhibit.  Click Here for a link to our C&C gallery that contains photos of some of the pieces in display (all photos courtesy of Sara Howard).

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