Week One of Weird Fiction Review…and The Weird

The Weird

Dear Readers:

Thanks for giving us a great launch week, with thousands coming by to check out features like interviews with Neil Gaiman and Kelly Link, an original webcomic by Leah Thomas, the table of contents and first lines of our The Weird anthology, and a wealth of other material, including a translation of Thomas Owen that I had planned to run in Weird Tales before leaving the magazine. We also just gave you an exclusive from the upcoming volume of the print journal The Weird Fiction Review. Please check it all out, recommend it to your friends, and like us on facebook, where I’ve set up a new page–let’s get to 1,000 or more this weekend! Thanks also to all of the great media outlets that announced our new project, like MediaBistro, io9, SF Signal, SF Scope, and Tor.com, as well as bloggers like Cheryl Morgan.

Speaking of The Weird, here are just a few links from the pre-publicity for this 750,000-word anthology covering 100 years of weird fiction – with much more to come next week and through the end of the year.

–Forbidden Planet features “behind the scenes” and sneak peek at the webcomic.

–Clarkesworld roundtable on “What is Weird?”

–Podcasts on Starshipsofa and Functional Nerds. (The Starshipsofa one is almost exclusively on The Weird.)

If you missed two massive features on our site about The Weird, now’s your chance to catch up: the 116-story TOC with notes and all of the first lines from the stories.

We plan on new content on WFR every week day through the end of the year, excluding holiday weeks, and then to either continue on a daily basis or post discrete “issues” of the site. We’re currently not open to unsolicited submissions while we explore all of our options. Donations are of course important to us, so if you like what you’re reading, please do contribute through the donation button on the home page. We hope that by the end of our first year Weirdfictionreview.com will be a true repository of all things weird.

As for next week, Weirdfictionreview.com will be going strong with features that include:

—An extended excerpt from China Mieville’s afterword to The Weird
—Three features on Alfred Kubin, the first author in The Weird, two by Paul Smith
—The next episode of Leah Thomas’s web comic and an interview with the creator
—An exclusive feature from Jim Kelly and John Kessel on their Kafkaesque antho
–Interviews with Thomas Ligotti and Margo Lanagan
–Video coverage of the extraordinary Cute & Creepy art show
–Fiction from Jeffrey Thomas: “The Fork”

We’re also excited to announce that noted translator Edward Gauvin is joining us as a regular columnist.

We hope you’ll stop by for all of that, and more – and keep your suggestions coming!