Review: “A Natural History of Hell” by Jeffrey Ford

A demon is exorcised from a toe, a recovering addict takes on an ancient magus, an author is exposed to the strange totemic power of words, and a ruthless industrialist reaps what he sows during his foray into an unusual form of engineering.  These are some of the ludicrous and unsettling delights to be found in Jeffrey Ford’s […]

The Acolyte” by Nancy Hightower: Rewriting the Story Through Poems

It’s one of the enduring mysteries of the fundamentalist tradition: the Bible, a book commonly taught to children, is filled with R-rated horrors that would seem more at home in a Tarantino movie than a bedtime story. A twice-widowed woman seduces her father-in-law by the side of the road, as blackmail or a bargaining chip. A childless wife offers her […]

Transformations in Leena Krohn’s Tainaron

Leena Krohn (1947 — ) is one of the most respected Finnish writers of her generation. In her large body of work for adults and children, Krohn deals with issues related to the boundary between reality and illusion, artificial intelligence, and issues of morality and conscience. Her Collected Fiction has just been released by Cheeky Frawg Books […]

End-of-Year Book List (2015 Edition)

After the amazing year we had in 2014, it was hard to believe that we’d have another one that was just as strong in 2015. However, this year managed to live up to the previous with great new fiction, continuing periodicals, and the reprinting of old classics. Perhaps the biggest news this year was the republishing of a trio of […]