In Richard A. Kirk’s Backyard

Here are the kind of things you will find in Richard A. Kirk’s backyard.  What?  You mean you’ve never seen creatures like these before?  Well, then, you are in for a treat.  Or maybe a trick??? Hmmm… Kirk is this year’s Artist Guest of Honor at the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto.  He has worked […]

Bring Your Sick, Maimed, and Monstrous: The Work of Chris Mars

In his artist statement, Chris Mars rallies a battle cry: “There are the voiceless, who cannot speak for themselves. These are the easiest ones to shrink down. There are words for the non-conformers, simple words that can be quickly acknowledged by those that buy in. Crazy. Faggot. Gang. Rich. One is sinful, one is lazy, one is violent by nature and one […]

The Art of Derek Ford

Jeffrey Ford is an American writer whose fiction combines elements of traditional fantasy or magic realism with surrealism and horror.  As a student at Binghamton University, he studied with the novelist John Gardner and until recently taught at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey. His work has been nominated for and received many awards, including […]

Felix Kramer’s Bestiary: An Other-Worldly and Weird Collection of Creatures...

Felix Kramer is an occasional student and freelance concept designer living in Southern Tier New York. His creative interests include visual design, prose writing, and poetry, all of which are approached with an eye for surrealism and deformation of existing tropes and systems. He draws influence from the fields of linguistics, mathematics, and architecture, among […]