The Latin Cities

Translated by Fionn Petch The following story originally appeared on Palabras Errantes. Visit the Palabras Errantes page where you can also read the original version in Spanish. *** A, of the many entrances: its walls are made of doors and the inhabitants all have a window to the front – whether painted or not we do not know. B, which is […]

Tin Cans

I am an old man — too old to really care. My wife died on the day the Moscow Olympics opened, and my dick had not done anything interesting since the too optimistic Chechen independence. I shock people when I tell them how young I was when the battleship Aurora gave its fateful blast announcing the Revolution. And yet, life […]

The Vats

Many years ago now — in that once upon a time which is the memory of the imagination rather than of the workaday mind, I went walking with a friend. Of what passed before we set out I have nothing but the vaguest recollection. All I remember is that it was early morning, that we were happy to be in one another’s […]

The Cantatrice

Translated by Brian Stableford Originally published 1913 To Louis Cochet[1] Old Hauval — who is still the director of the Opéra-Dramatique — smoothed his flowing beard with a gnarled hand and said: “This is what happened!” *** In 189*, in the month of March, there was a performance of Siegfried at Monte Carlo. An extraordinary interpretation made that revival the great […]

A Mexican Fairy Tale

Leonora Carrington (1912 — 2011) was a British-born Mexican surrealist painter. She also wrote several novels and short stories. Her work was influenced by Max Ernst, who she met in 1937 and later married. Ernst was arrested soon after the Nazi occupation of France as his art was deemed “degenerate”. Carrington fled to Spain and then later to […]

The Sound of the Mill: A classic tale of terror from a master of the fantastique

We’re pleased to present, for the first time in English, “The Sound of the Mill” by Marcel Béalu. Permission was granted by Editions Corti. The story was translated from French by Michael Cisco. — The Editors *** I beg you, don’t come back, my sweet little girl. Leave me in my solitary decay, with the sound of the mill. I’ve […]

Sounds of Rising Water

The magus moved into my building the weekend I drove to the Outer Banks. She came from Florida after a violent hurricane, during which one of her neighbors drowned. I had the impression she was now involved in social work, restoring people to a stable life, but since she never left her apartment, I wasn’t sure what she did. Music […]

Drunk Bay

The following story originally appeared in Postscripts #13 (Winter 2007). It is reprinted with the permission of PS Publishing. — The Editors After mentioning my upcoming flight from winter at a New Year’s party in Templeton, I was drawn aside by a young woman who, in a few breathlessly-confided sentences, told me a bizarre tale. Writers often hear confessions, and I puzzled over the encounter […]

Erbach’s Emporium of Automata

The following story comes from D. P. Watt’s recently reprinted short story collection, An Emporium of Automata, available from Eibonvale Press. Watt also has a new collection out this year from Egaeus Press called The Phantasmagorical Imperative and Other Fabrications. Watt’s fiction is a unique blend of magical realism à la Jorge Luis Borges with disquieting settings that recall the works of Robert Aickman. To learn more about Watt, […]