The Metaphysical Machine

Translated by Brian Stableford Originally published 1877 *** Why do they say that I am insane? Just because I am not like absolutely everyone else, just because I do not play my role like one of Panurge’s sheep, just because I remain indoors for weeks and months at a time – is that any reason to call me insane? On the contrary; […]

The Wagon

Translated from Urdu by Muhammad Umar Memon Khalida Husain was born in Lahore in 1938. She started writing fiction in 1963. After half a dozen highly acclaimed short stories, she dropped out of the Urdu literary world altogether, and staged a stunning comeback after a twelve-year silence in 1977. She has published half a dozen collections of her stories, some […]

The Supper

Translated by Michael Cisco The name of Alfonso Reyes reoccurs throughout any discussion of Latin American literature. In his native Mexico, he is considered a major 20th century author, and more than one street has been named for him there. Roberto Bolano referred to him in the short list of those writers he included in his […]

The Upper Berth

The Upper Berth” is the final story in our weird voyages and strange seas week which featured three strange stories set at sea. – The Editors I Somebody asked for the cigars. We had talked long, and the conversation was beginning to languish; the tobacco smoke had got into the heavy curtains, the wine had got into […]

The Rainbow

The Rainbow” is the second story in our weird voyages and strange seas week which featured three strange stories set at sea. – The Editors Mark Feldmeier was too old for family vacations, but no one had invited him anywhere else. Unless he wanted to stay home alone for a week in an empty house in Milwaukee, he […]

The Voice in the Night

The Voice in the Night” is the first story in our weird voyages and strange seas week which featured three strange stories set at sea. – The Editors It was a dark, starless night. We were becalmed in the Northern Pacific. Our exact position I do not know; for the sun had been hidden during the course of a weary, breathless […]

The Sand-man

The following story is part of our uncanny literature week. Be sure to check out our interview with Marjorie Sandor as well as Sandor’s essay on the subject. “The Sand-man“1 Translated by J. T. Bealby Nathanael to Lothair I know you are all very uneasy because I have not written for such a long, long time. Mother, to be sure, is […]

The Latin Cities

Translated by Fionn Petch The following story originally appeared on Palabras Errantes. Visit the Palabras Errantes page where you can also read the original version in Spanish. *** A, of the many entrances: its walls are made of doors and the inhabitants all have a window to the front – whether painted or not we do not know. B, which is […]

Tin Cans

I am an old man — too old to really care. My wife died on the day the Moscow Olympics opened, and my dick had not done anything interesting since the too optimistic Chechen independence. I shock people when I tell them how young I was when the battleship Aurora gave its fateful blast announcing the Revolution. And yet, life […]

The Vats

Many years ago now — in that once upon a time which is the memory of the imagination rather than of the workaday mind, I went walking with a friend. Of what passed before we set out I have nothing but the vaguest recollection. All I remember is that it was early morning, that we were happy to be in one another’s […]