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A selection of images from the publishers and others illustrating various aspects of the Southern Reach novels. You can find more information and images at the FSG page and at the very creepy Fourth Estate page for the book – where you can even sign up for an expedition.    

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Annihilation: Visionary, Surreal, and Satisfying Cover Art: Finding Ways to Showcase the Weird for Readers

Annihilation, the first novel of my Southern Reach series, debuts next week in the U.S., Canada, and Hungary, with the UK edition out in late February and another dozen foreign-language editions to follow — including the Spanish and Hungarian editions showcased below. In Annihilation, the mysterious Area X has been cut off from the rest of the world for […]

Amos Tutuola: An Interview with Yinka Tutuola: "All his novels are written demonstrations of his sense of humor..."

Amos Tutuola (1920 — 1997) was a largely self-taught Nigerian writer who became internationally praised for books based in part on Yoruba folktales, especially the phantasmagorical classic The Palm-Wine Drinkard (1952). Welsh poet Dylan Thomas called the novel “thronged, grisly and bewitching,” bringing it even more attention.  From the perspective of weird fiction aficionados the book is as amazing an […]

The Weird Wins the World Fantasy Award

As many of you may know by now, The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories, has won the World Fantasy Award for best anthology. By the time it got to our category, I must admit I was wrung out and fairly incapable of saying anything coherent, so Ann made the acceptance speech (which will be posted […]

Interview: The Weird and Brendan and Anna Connell: "Art in general is a way for us to deal with our demons"

Brendan Connell was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1970. He has had fiction published in numerous places, including McSweeney’s, Adbusters, and the World Fantasy Award winning anthologies Leviathan 3 (The Ministry of Whimsy 2002), and Strange Tales (Tartarus Press 2003). His published books are: The Translation of Father Torturo (Prime Books, 2005), Dr. […]

Moving Past Lovecraft

Here at we’ve been thinking a lot about “the weird” since the Weird Tales debacle and in the context of other discussions, like the one about whether H.P. Lovecraft should be the face of the World Fantasy Award. In a sense, this entire conversation is surreal and strange to us because from our perspective the weird […]

Interview: Kathe Koja and the Weird: "All is not as it appears..."

Kathe Koja is an American writer who first emerged as a novelist during the U.S. horror boom of the early 1990s. Kafkaesque, transgressive novels such as The Cipher (1991), Bad Brains (1992), Skin (1993), and Strange Angels (1994) established her as one of weird fiction’s most innovative practitioners. Story collaborations with science fiction writer Barry Malzberg […]

Secret Europe from Ex Occidente Press

Recently, one of the most beautiful books we’ve ever received crossed our desk: Secret Europe, a collection by John Howard and Mark Valentine from Ex Occidente Press. It’s an oversized hardcover with a gorgeous imprint upon the boards, spot color and a ribbon inside, and a lovingly typeset interior with generous margins and a restrained design that perfectly suits the […]

Interview: Gemma Files and the Weird

Gemma Files is a Canadian citizen, and has lived in Toronto, Ontario for her entire life (thus far). She is the daughter of two actors, Gary Files and Elva Mai Hoover. Files graduated from Ryerson University with a B.A.A. in Magazine Journalism, then spent roughly eight years as a film critic, primarily writing for local alt-culture journal eye […]